Angus McLeod

Dr Angus McLeod has a background including a dozen UK Directorships and roles in both hierarchical and matrix, international companies including Tarmac plc and Air Products & Chemicals Inc. His roles included technical and technology, marketing and technical sales, quality management and general management at MD and COO level including Executive Chairmanship and leadership of a Buy-in MBO for Investco-Perpetual plc.

Angus has been coaching and training on a full time basis since 1998. He has also set up an e-learning resource for coaching and business development skills on a blended, learning-journey basis. His distance-learning courses have been popular with about 20,000 learners to date. 

He has worked across retail, health, education, resources, defence, waste management, insurance, IT and transport and others.   These include WH Smith, Matalan, Eurostar, Brighton & Hove, Securicor, Waitrose, Crown Group (Eire), Tarmac GmbH, Sainsbury’s, Crown Agents, KUSCO, Liverpool Victoria, Swindon Unitary Authority, Marimba plc, BP Oil UK, Hadley Landsave, HMA Financial, MBDA (BAe), Kings College Hospital, PPP Healthcare, Surrey County Councils, East-Sussex County Council, Surrey Fire Service, Broadgate Estates (Land Group plc) and Telewest plc and Qatar Airways.

Angus’s focus is on coaching senior executives and whole teams. He also designs and delivers behavioural/performance-change programmes and coaching-culture ‘learning-journey’ programmes for executive teams. He is a preferred coach for engaging with very senior and high value executives who have developed behavioural issues which run counter to the culture expectations. 

An established author, Angus’s books include:

  • ‘Me, Myself, My Team – How to Become a Team-player Using NLP’ (2000, 2nd revised edition 2006, Crown House) 
  • ‘Performance Coaching – The Handbook for Managers, HR Professional & Coaches’ (2003, Crown House), ‘Self-coaching Leadership – Simple Steps from Manager to Leader’ (2007, John Wiley & Sons) 
  • ‘Performance Coaching Toolkit’ (2010 with Will Thomas, McGraw-Hill).
  • Citations include those from leading international figures such as: Judith Delozier, Robert Dilts, Sir John Whitmore, Shelle Rose Charvet and Richard Denny. Translations include Russian, Chinese and Polish. 

Angus co-created in 1998 the not-for-profit coach-development organization, The Coaching Foundation and ‘Ask Max’, the world’s first internet-based mentoring service in 1999. His master-classes in coaching are popular with novice to advanced professional coaches.