Jayne Blake

With a background as Sales Director, CFO, Commercial and Customer Operations GM, Jayne Blake is uniquely positioned to coach people in the financials of a business. She does this by delivering tailored coaching solutions in financials and commercials, targeted at up-skilling individuals and teams to drive improved business outcomes.

Working with individuals or teams, Jayne will assess their current skills, experience and confidence in financials and develop a tailored coaching solution to help them achieve their goals. Whatever the forum (one-on-one or group workshops), Jayne always utilises a straightforward, goal-focused, practical and interactive approach to building skills in financials and commercials; and always stays focussed on the outcome of driving improved business results.

Some of the benefits our clients have received from Jane’s coaching have been; the ability to read financial statements, interpret financial measures, develop forecasts and write budgets; the confidence to ask pertinent questions in financial reviews; the ability to discuss the financial health of a business and options to improve that position; and an understanding of key financials that are a priority for measurement, focus and review.

The structure of Jane’s Financial Coaching is completely flexible and tailored to the client’s immediate needs, however the areas we find are covered most consistently are:

  • Profit & Loss Accounts – including accrued & deferred costs and revenue
  • Balance Sheets – including reporting on assets and liabilities
  • Cash Flow – including the relationship to P&L and Balance Sheet statements
  • Financial KPI’s – the more common financial KPI's and how they can be managed to drive improved business results

 Qualifications and Training:

  • Australian Institute Company Directors member
  • Mentoring external leaders through Australia Israel Chamber of Commerce
  • Forte Power of Presentation - 2008
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - 2008
  • Exceptional Influencing Skills - 2001
  • Australian Communications & Media Authority - 1991
  • Internal mentoring and coaching of up-coming talent in Vodafone
  • Employer representative on Vodafone Superannuation Committee