Benchmarking Excellence

According to Gallup’s latest State of the Global Workplace, the bulk of Australian employees -- 60% -- are "not engaged," meaning they lack motivation and are less likely to invest discretionary effort in organisational goals or outcomes. Furthermore, 16% are "actively disengaged," indicating they are unhappy and unproductive at work and liable to spread negativity to coworkers.

What are the human and bottom line costs to our organisations in lost productivity through lack of engagement?

What if you could measure and map the most important motivational drivers which determine the behaviours of your people that can be directly linked to performance and quality of life?

Modelling and Replicating Excellent Performance

Modelling Excellence is a rigorous and finely tuned proprietary process for rapidly identifying how individuals and teams can dramatically improve their performance, their results and the bottom line.

The Model of Excellence is a powerful, measurable template of high performance based on identifying and mapping the specific success drivers of your high performers. This proven template can be used for selection, training the entire team to higher performance, coaching individual team members, as a basis for career and succession planning and to map organisational culture. As a result, significant cost savings can be made on training and coaching budgets by replacing an ‘ad hoc’ approach to performance enhancement with a focused and targeted program based on the understanding of key motivations.

What makes your team great

Replicate and build on excellence within your teams. Utilising a rigorous methodology to identify key performance drivers in your top performers, this custom made model becomes your corporate IP for targeted training, coaching and mentoring. The result is a significant and measurable improvement in performance.

Identifying the ‘invisible drivers of behaviour and performance

Everybody creates an internal representation, or ‘map’ of their experiences. The Model of Excellence identifies this map and the underlying drivers of the map; enabling us not only to understand, but predict human behaviour in the workplace.

The nature of prediction is not in order to control behaviour, but to better understand  why a person behaves the way he or she does. Through this awareness, behavioural choice is enabled within the workplace, resulting in improved productivity, engagement and ultimately performance.

We can statistically measure and map the motivations of individuals, pairs, teams, job roles as well as the organisational culture.

Whether an organisation is recruiting, selecting, coaching, developing or evaluating individuals or teams, this ability to understand and predict behaviour by using a motivational map is both powerful and insightful.

The result?

  • Attracting and getting the right people on board
  • Optimising individual and team performance
  • Improved communication, co-operation and better conflict management
  • A stronger organisational culture
  • Focus, clarity and results.