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Accelerated performance

What if there was a proven methodology that not only protected your executives and leaders against stress but also improved their cognitive function and performance? 


“On average, cognitive decline in humans starts when we're between the ages of 20 and 30” Michael Merzenich, neuroscientist at the University of California 

As we get older we are more susceptible to interference; be that in the form of distractions, irrelevant information or multitasking. 

The problem with older adults is that they don't filter information, and as a result, they over process irrelevant information that they can't seem to ignore. One of the consequences of interference is poor memory: it's difficult to recall something that was never properly imprinted in the brain in the first place. 

What does this mean for our corporate leaders?

If we are not taking advantage of our brain’s ‘plasticity’, that is, it’s ability to change and regenerate, then our cognitive abilities are decreasing. 

In today’s ‘turbo charged’ business environments, the opportunities for distraction are plentiful.

To protect precious cognitive abilities to enable today’s leaders to focus, effectively manage responsibilities and deliver key results, it’s vital to take a proactive and targeted approach. 

To improve the ability to multitask, enhance working memory and sustained attention, an individually targeted and neuroscience and scientifically based program can be used in conjunction with coaching to create rapid advancements.

Use neuroscience to create focused leadership and transform leadership effectiveness

Combine personalised Executive Coaching with the latest in Neuroscience for great results. Designed to support your managers and leaders to maximise their performance and measurably reduce the impacts of stress, resulting in optimal performance.

We use scientifically sound, neuroscience based software which has a proven track record of improving executive and cognitive functioning to maximise executive and leadership potential. 

What kind of results can we expect?

  • Greater ability to multi task which is more correctly named, ‘rapid refocusing’ 
  • Improved memory and clarity
  • Improved attention and ‘faster processing’
  • Greater ability to ‘get things done’
  • Improved confidence
  • Improved wellbeing and reduced stress

With a direct link to performance and wellbeing, it pays not only to protect, but enhance the cognitive abilities of our leaders for ongoing productivity, growth and innovation.