Focused Mentoring Program 

Measurable transfer of skills and knowledge

“The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves”

Stephen Spielberg

Tap into the wealth of skills and knowledge in your organisation through our custom designed mentoring program. Underpinned by leading edge technology to build your organisational strength.

Principles for creating a successful and focused Mentoring Program always begins with a clear definition of the purpose of the program and defining the outcomes that the investment in a mentoring program needs to achieve. 

Careful thought and process must also be applied to choosing the right Mentor network and the Mentees who would most benefit from a Mentoring Program. 

Just because a Mentor has experience and knowledge doesn’t necessarily make them a good mentor. Establishing a Mentor and Mentee criteria framework is essential to the success of any Mentoring Program. 

Fundamental to the active transfer of skills and knowledge is a Focused Mentoring process to equip the Mentors with an essential toolkit and structure from which to Mentor. This gives Mentors confidence that they can clearly communicate and help the Mentee develop within a proven structure. 

Equipping the Mentees with a knowledge framework and key training, enables them to take a proactive role in eliciting the knowledge, experience and insights from the Mentor to apply on the job.

The role that we play in partnership with the organisation is to provide structure, process and support. Establishing the Mentor Program, creating engagement, delivering key coaching and training frameworks and Mentor ‘champions’ is core.

Creating regular ‘checkpoints’ and coaching support to both Mentors and Mentees provides foundational support by ensuring key milestones are reached. Risk can also be mitigated in the form of averting ‘mismatches’ or potential conflict. 

We are a believer in Reverse Mentoring, that is, that the mentoring relationship goes both ways. 

The Mentor will have experience, skills and organisational maturity which he or she can bring to the mentoring relationship. The Mentee’s insights and experiences when explored however, bring reciprocal value to the relationship and development and growth for both.

For example, the Mentor can highlight a particular learning experience and break it down into the ‘how’. This way, the Mentee learns what the Mentor might now do automatically.  This too helps the Mentor revisit the things that have made them successful and often creates new insights, which, when applied in their role, and more broadly in the business, facilitates growth.

The Mentee often has insights to the business afforded by coming in with ‘fresh eyes’ and different industry or organisational experience. This can bring a new perspective that enables the Mentor to review and refresh management practices which can be invaluable to the broader business. 

The mentoring process encourages reflection on both sides with the opportunity to take time out from the day to day to discuss what is working, what’s not and explore what could be improved and how.

Mentoring also provides an objective point of view within an accountability framework to enable the Mentee to stay focused and work towards the agreed outcomes for the program. 

Mentors often experience a resurgence in energy and enthusiasm as they have the opportunity to leave a legacy by fostering the growth and potential of someone who is hungry to learn from their experience. 

From any perspective, mentoring is a powerful way to actively transfer the knowledge, wisdom and skills in your organisation.