Leadership programs for business growth

‘When the effective leader is finished with his work, the people say it happened naturally’ 

Lao Tzu, Chinese Philosopher

The most important leadership characteristic is authenticity, that is, being oneself, and not trying to emulate another’s leadership style. Leading from authenticity must be built on solid leadership principles including ethics, trust, an ongoing commitment to building self awareness and building others and centered around a results based framework, 

Building powerful leaders and teams are the backbone of any organisation. To make this possible, we need to identify specifically, what makes the leadership successful, make it “visible” and know how this can be replicated throughout the business. If success is about individual characters or leaders, then this cannot be replicated. A “star” leader no matter how productive has limited value to the business unless he or she can bring their team with them. 

Our unique difference is our ‘coaching approach’ within a results based framework in everything we do. We bring together the latest research, compelling insights about leadership behaviour and tailored interventions  - a powerful combination. 

Develop world-class leadership skills within your organisation through the utilisation of leading diagnostic tools and a proven methodology for leadership development.

‘Nearly 60% of companies face leadership talent shortages which impede performance’

Sue Ashford and Scott DeRue, Harvard Business Review 

Focused leadership

With often overwhelming and competing demands for leaders attention, coupled with the ever increasing rate of change, there is a need to reduce the ‘noise’ and cut through the complexity to help the business develop more focused, results based leadership. To build leadership talent, we equip leaders with powerful tools and strategies to identify and focus on doing what is truly important for the business so that the business strategy can be realised. When the organisation is tracking against the business strategy, this creates energy, which in turn motivates employees. Everybody wants to feel they are part of something that is growing. Your employees are no different. 

Leading edge

  • Bringing you the latest in neuroscience as a core component of our leadership programs, we incorporate sophisticated, but infinitely easy to use, brain training software for the dramatic difference this makes to your valuable talent. 
  • An individually customised program is designed to target each leader’s most needed areas to ‘sharpen the saw’.  
  • The results? Faster, better, smarter leaders!
  • And naturally, the brain training program is available across multiple devices; desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone and Android.

Emotional Intelligence

“Emotional Intelligence isn’t a luxury you can dispense with in tough times. It’s a basic tool that, when deployed with finesse, is the key to professional success.” 

Harvard Business Review 

Business is built on people first and foremost. It is always the people side which creates the most questions, angst and opportunity in any business. As such, the human element of any business is always the most challenging and when it is working well, the most rewarding.

Productivity can be fostered by understanding what truly motivates leaders and their teams. This in turn can transform how people work, as well as the culture or the environment.

As human beings, we are simple. We will always lean towards the activities which motivate us and avoid those which do not interest us - our key drivers.

A key to organisational strength is to accurately identify those key drivers across the business and then focus the leadership by working to their strengths. In this way, much can be accomplished to deliver on the business strategy, deliver key results and sustainable business outcomes and a culture that flourishes.

Focused Executive Leadership Program: Retain your talent

Know thyself’  Socrates

Self awareness is the foundation of effective leadership. Daniel Goleman calls it the 'keystone' of emotional intelligence. 

Effective leadership begins with self awareness in that there is a direct correlation between how well we know ourselves; and the impact we create on those around us. This becomes increasingly crucial, the more senior we become in the organisation. The cornerstones of our Focused leadership program are:

  • Authentic Leadership
  • Self mastery
  • Strategic Focus
  • The secrets to creating a high performance culture
  • Results focused framework
  • Mindsmarts
  • Succession Planning for success

Developing Skilled leadership - Foundational leadership program 

By focusing on and developing the foundations of leadership, and working with the leaders to identify their innate strengths and talents, leaders then experience more confidence in who they are as an individual and leader which translates directly through to their teams. Our Leadership programs are tailored to your organisation’s specific requirements and designed to align with and deliver on the core strategy and mission. To optimise results, the program uses a team based workshop approach in combination with targeted one-on-one Leadership Coaching and an e-learning platform.

Emerging leaders and high potentials program

Provide your emerging leaders who may lack a management and leadership background the necessary skills and support to become strong, effective and authentic leaders. Develop a3 personal leadership brand to lead and develop high performing teams. The Emerging Leaders Program develops the thinking, skill set and behaviours required to effectively make this transition as seamless, stress free and effective as possible.

Give your high potentials the best opportunity for success by providing them with a tailored program designed to maximise and capitalise on their key strengths and talents.