Master Facilitation 

A wise person knows that there is something to be learned from everyone.


Using a socratic methodology which draws knowledge and insights from the audience to leading to deeper knowledge and taking ownership.

To facilitate is "to make easy" or "ease a process."

It’s also about taking the room where the room needs to go to achieve an outcome.

It takes courage to truly facilitate; to move towards and draw out the tension and keep the focus on achieving the overall purpose.

Whether it’s creating a high performing team, getting different parts of the organisation to work together more effectively or a ‘difference of opinions’ between 2 or more individuals, masterful facilitation creates great results by navigating, emerging and resolving underlying tensions to create a higher level agreement and focus. 

“Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand.”

Chinese proverb

Some of the leading ways we facilitate key outcomes are:


Being unafraid to take the room where the room needs to go based on gaining agreement, that is ‘buy in’ for what the group really wants from the facilitation and pulling the ‘magic’ from the group..

The Alignment Matrix

Utilising a proven structure to create alignment and prevent conflict in the context of the group agreeing a common objective.

Blameless conflict management

Creating a conducive environment to reach agreement and move forward with results.

Words are tools; powerful when used properly, destructive when used without care.

We use a four step blameless conflict management process in addition to tools for calmly meeting conflict and/or tension. By utilising a highly effective resolution process, it is possible to unearth and resolve the conflict or tension rather than drive it underground to re-emerge at some later stage, either within the room or back in the work environment.

Code of Honour

Agreeing a Code of Honour whether it be with 2 people or 200. A Code of Honour acts as a barometer for the behaviours which are going to align with the key objectives and keep people on track. A Code of Honour speaks to the human spirit which endeavours to be better in some way.

It’s also a great enabler to take the facilitation from a ‘head based focus’ to a ‘head and heart’, that is , a whole person focus. This is where results happen.


All of our facilitation is based on, but not limited by a structure. Think of a good architect designing  a building. He or she will always work within design principles but not be limited by those principles to create the best possible outcome.

The being and the doing

Our facilitation is a combination of hard deliverables sitting neatly alongside soft skills.


Unless we work with the human side of the human being, it’s impossible to get real engagement or enduring outcomes.

We’re also happy to openly share our Master Facilitation strategies with your people. The more people who are great facilitators to get better outcomes, the better!