Successful Executive is a  specialist coaching company  building enduring capabilities in our clients and client organisations through a results led, end-to-end integrated people strategy. In all aspects of our work, we take a client centric partnership approach which ensures a close alignment with our clients by delivering leadership results in areas identified as most important to them.

Our services fall under three core areas of focus; core areas which we believe are essential to any successful organisation.

Building Powerful Teams:

Success Profiling  - Profiling to get the right people in the right place within an organisation

Benchmarking Excellence  - Discovering what makes a team great and replicating it

Moving On - A career transition program with heart


Embedding Enduring Success:

Team Coaching  - Creating and engaging high performing teams

Leadership  - Developing leadership programs for business growth

Focused Mentoring Program - A program enabling measurable transfers of skills and knowledge within an organisation 

Creating New Capabilites:

Executive Coaching - Helping leaders to focus and deliver on results

Business Mind - An accelerated performance program

Master FacilitationUsing a socratic methodology which draws knowledge and insights from the audience to leading to deeper knowledge and taking ownership