Success Profiling

Discover your leadership ID; who you really are in the work context, what your specific motivators and demotivators are and how you can effectively harness your natural talents to achieve peak performance and effective leadership. 

Success Profiling identifies 60 different filters through which we view the world. Importantly these filters directly determine our attitudes and key motivations and as a result, are an accurate determinant of our behaviours in the workplace.

What is Success Profiling?

Success Profiling is a combination of iWAM (Inventory of Work Attitudes and Motivations) and LAB (Language and Behaviour) profiling.  It’s both a system and methodology that statistically measures an individuals motivational patterns. This allows us to understand your personal underlying drivers in your specific role, how you can maintain motivation, and importantly, how you can be fulfilled and optimise your performance in your career.

The combination of iWAM and LAB provides each individual with a unique fingerprint of their key motivational drivers which are the strongest known determinant of behaviours to date.

A statistical  validity rating of 89.5%, assures a high degree of accuracy when applying Success Profiling to Leadership profiling, Team analysis, Career Mapping and change.

Success profiling identifies

  • How you are most likely to behave, not just how you were trained to behave
  • What keeps you enthused for the work you do so you can more effectively leverage those talents
  • How you prefer to communicate and manage conflict in your work environment
  • How you can effectively support your own performance and productivity
  • What style of work and leadership will work best for you in your career 
  • How you are likely to adapt or react to change


  • Baseline - Complete the online iWAM profile and documentation to prepare Success Profiling report 
  • Insights - a one on one debrief to ‘walk through’ the results and discuss the unique applications to you and your role within the organisational context
  • Success Strategy - Identify key motivational drivers and how you can harness their full potential for peak performance and effective leadership