Team Coaching

What would happen if your talented group of leaders approached business as a team sport? 

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” 

― Michael Jordan

One-on-one coaching is powerful -  and sometimes we need to go broader and take a whole team approach to zero in on the systemic or core issues that are impeding success in your business.

The good news is that identifying these issues is the battle half way won. As we know, once we have clarity on the cause, it’s much easier for the leaders to define a number of ways these issues can be addressed.

Opportunities also abound in business when the leadership is not distracted by issues - this creates ‘head space’ to firstly identify key opportunities, and secondly, to capitalise on these opportunities to accelerate business performance.

Any team will always create it’s own culture whether this is deliberate or haphazard.

To create a unified, positive and powerful team, the rules of how the team engages; a team code, must be established. It’s much easier to play the game of business well and enjoy it, when everyone understands the rules of the game. Furthermore, it’s impossible to truly win the game of business unless you have agreement on what those rules are and unless you have buy in from the team.

Without a team code in place, you may succeed in the short term, but there will always be a follow on effect which can cost the business severely both in profit, costs and human capital.

Team coaching begins with getting clear with the business on a specific and agreed outcome, creating engagement, followed by addressing the reality, whatever stage the team is at. This approach sits within the framework of the organisational strategy to ensure we are taking a systemic approach that aligns across the business.

Systemic thinking and action is both more challenging and promising than typical approaches to business challenges and opportunities.

The good news, and we think exciting news, is that small, well focused actions can sometimes produce significant, enduring improvements, if they’re applied in the right area. The even better news, is that there is a trusted process that can be learnt and applied to create team and business success.

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