I found Maggie’s approach to coaching highly adaptive and consultative. Maggie is outcomes focussed, takes the time to understand business or personal challenges and provides professional advice based on her experience with other professionals who have faced similar challenges. I would recommend Maggie to any organisation, or individual who values the holistic development of senior staff for better performance.

Simon Wake, Managing Director
Ipsos mediaCT

Successful Executive were absolutely brilliant and very effective. I valued my time with the coach and her challenging questions. Her thought provoking statements helped me along with my self analysis and building my confidence. I also want to personally add that I have really enjoyed the Coaching experience.  It is something that I have valued greatly and I know I have developed professionally from our discussions. Thank you again and I hope our paths cross again.

Fiona Leyden | Manager, Workforce Planning Infrastructure Services
Lend Lease

I have no doubt that much of the success of this program has been due to your SE Coach's open and thoughtful approach.

Cassandra Crowe, Institutional Client Service Manager

I enjoyed the casual and relaxed meetings with Jane Porter. Jane guided me through the necessary outward changes I needed to make to realise my full potential, thus assisting me with my career transition. The sessions assisted me to secure a senior role with a company aligned with my values in an industry I am passionate about.

Daryl B Smith, GM
Gumala Enterprises

Xstrata Coal have engaged Successful Executive for coaching, candidate assessment, assessment of potential and most recently outplacement services. Maggie Kelly has developed a very capable team and she uses her understanding of the business needs and the individual to match manager and coach. Maggie has also proved to be an invaluable resource and was able, through her very extensive network, to provide assistance way beyond her brief. I have no hesitation in recommending Maggie, her team and Successful Executive.

Shaun Palmer, General Manager - Human Resources
Xstrata Coal

I am a Director of a National Australian Project Management Services provider of some 120 professional staff. Successful Executive was hired by our Managing Director to provide coaching to our Board of Directors. I can categorically state that being challenged to adopt new ways of doing business has improved my bottom-line. My business has grown. My income increased by a quarter and my profitability by a third. Additionally I have reclaimed most weekends as my own. I have no hesitation to recommend Successful Executive to other business owners.

Leonie Kelly
Tracey, Brunstrom & Hammond Pty Limited

My coach from Successful Executive was excellent for me during my recent significant career transition. She adapted to my specific needs, provided excellent advice, acted as a sounding board and ultimately helped me find what I really wanted to do next. She was extremely generous in proactively sharing her network to support my next steps. I have no hesitation recommending her as a coach for senior executives wishing to undertake significant career change or evolution.

Nick Roberts, GM

If you're looking for change, improvement or greater self-awareness in your teams I can recommend Successful Executive. They have the great ability to swiftly get to heart of the issue and to empower people to better manage themselves for improved business performance. To summarise their impact on a number of my staff:life-changing on many levels.

Karl Schuster, President Asia Pacific
Carlson Marketing Group

I have found my coaching with Successful Executive useful as well as challenging and fun. Their methods for helping me see ways I could do things better myself and particularly get better results from my dealings with others were effective and have served we well during an interesting time in the racing industry.

Peter Legg, General Manager
Australia Turf Club

I always dreamt about having my own company and creating something unique and special that would contribute to the greater good. It was not until I was coached by three of SE's coaches that I saw those dreams become a reality for me. SE has provided me with the necessary insights and knowledge to give me the courage to start my own company. They have truly challenged my ways of thinking and made me see the world with different eyes. I benefited greatly from this experience and would not hesitate recommending SE to anyone who requires leadership coaching.

Barbara Albert, Managing Director
Sustainable Business Consulting

In my HR career to-date I have used several organisations previously for more traditional Outplacement Counselling services. The approach Successful Executive takes, however, I believe is unique in the marketplace. There's no doubt that their strong background and experience in coaching is an outstanding platform for offering additional depth to the career transition coaching process. As usual, the level of service and professionalism shown by Successful Executive is exemplary.

Anne Carr, VP Human Resources Asia Pacific

Maggie Kelly has facilitated the last two Initiative company conferences and she has also conducted executive coaching on some of my fellow management team colleagues. This included our Chief Executive Officer. In all instances, I noticed visible differences in each person upon completion of their coaching program with Maggie.

My coaching program has indeed been 'LIFE CHANGING'! I strongly recommend Maggie Kelly and Successful Executive to anyone who desires to make a difference in their professional as well as personal life.

Janet Boey, Business Director
Initiative Australia

Coaching helped me make a significant step change both in my leadership capability and personal development. As a Human Resources/Learning & Development professional, I have been part of many development opportunities yet have never experienced the same amount of traction or achieved such results. I feel more confident and purposeful. I am overall a happier and satisfied person. I far exceeded my expectations in terms of achievement of all the goals I set out at the beginning of the coaching. It amazes me that in a few short months I could view the world so differently.

Vanessa Riley, Culture & Capability Consultant
Vodafone Australia

By reconnecting with my values and 'brand', developing my constitution, and applying the practical leadership tools I now have in my arsenal, I have been able to re-prioritise the chaos of work activity, improve efficacy, and reclaim repressed personal values. I am still coming to terms with the new me... empowered, pragmatic, more confident, and more capable, both personally and as a business leader.

Gerard Forrest, Regional Head – Health, Safety & Well-being
Vodafone Australia

The outcome of the coaching with Successful Executive resulted in subtle changes in both verbal and body language and changes in my management style. These changes supported me as I made some significant changes in the management and structure of my team.

Jo Till, General Manager, Solutions Delivery
Vodafone Australia

If top sportsmen and elite sporting teams recognise that the best way to improve is to rely on an experienced and professional coach, then why is it any different in business? In Successful Executive I have found a coach who can identify and correct flaws and exploit strengths that I did not know I had for my personal benefit but more importantly for the benefit of the company I manage. I have certainly grown as a manager since dealing with Successful Executive and the change is recognised by colleagues. More importantly the business is more focused thanks to strategies we discuss and then I employ in day to day management.

Michael Kenny, CEO
Sydney Turf Club

Successful Executive helped me remember and trust my strengths (and find new ones I never thought I had), rebuild my confidence, reestablish my priorities and re-ignite my natural optimism of a promising future. They have some fantastic new tools, new ways of thinking and ways of approaching issues which greatly improve effectiveness and satisfaction.

Andy Gorey, State Manager
APP Corporation Pty Ltd

The process of learning new ways of doing, thinking and acting was engaging, challenging and inspiring. I have no hesitation therefore in recommending Successful Executive for the person interested in the aspiration of being and becoming a more effective leader and human being.

Greg Carmichael, Project Director
APP Corporation Pty Ltd

Successful Executive helped me to get clarity on some priorities and to adopt some more effective ways in dealing with them. This clarity stays with me and a number of people who work closely with me, have commented on subtle but significant changes in the way I am operating.

Jane Sherlock, Director Human Resources, Global Outsourcing and Infrastructure Services Asia Pacific

Where the behaviors of others impact me positively I am more confident in how I manage these behaviors for maximum effect and where behaviors impact me negatively I have not only the framework to identify them but the tools to help me better manage them so that not only do they not obstruct my desired outcome but at the same time they do not negatively impact my own behavior.

Coaching with Successful Executive has left me more confident, with greater self esteem and self awareness and a renewed enthusiasm for my own abilities and future direction.

Simon Winston Smith, Executive Chairman
Bengalla Agribusiness

Successful Executive will guide you towards clarifying your goals, teach you powerful techniques for identifying and overcoming blocks or self defeating behaviour, and assist you to gain greater confidence in pursuing and achieving your goals.

Simone Novello, Director
Novello Vantage Point

Coaching with Successful Executive doesn't involve sticking to a rigid structure and the sessions are always relevant to personal needs and situations. Their approach is very well balanced – probing in getting to the root cause of issues, yet not antagonistic or pressuring.

Duncan Arthur, Business Director
Initiative Australia

Successful Executive's professionalism, business networks and insights into the job market during their Career Transition Program were far superior to anything I had encountered previously.

Rebecca Darley, Country Marketing Manager
IKEA Australia

Successful Executive coaches showed a personal and genuine concern for my wellbeing and success. They were excited about seeing somebody else succeed.

Adam Spence, GM
Customer Experience – NSW

I always left my coaching sessions with Successful Executive with a sense of clarity, a plan of attack and feeling better about myself.

Brad V, Senior Consultant,
Consulting Services Division - NSW

Successful Executive's Career Transition Program assisted me throughout my job search, aided me through a minefield of change, while empowering me to embrace this change and assess the opportunities presented to me. It is obvious that Successful Executive are passionate about helping their clients uncover their potential, and equip them to take on new challenges.

Emma McRobert
Marketing Executive – NSW

Successful Executive have a strong commitment to supporting clients develop careers which have a clear sense of purpose. With a natural ability to hone in on the issues, they remove the road blocks and facilitate clear outcomes in each session.

Helen Tuffy, Leader and Senior Marketing Executive - NSW

Working with Successful Executive has been an invaluable experience. Their coaches are supportive, compassionate and dedicated, helping me gain clarity. They have the capacity to quickly assess an individual, using their strengths to help guide them in the right direction. Successful Executive have been instrumental in helping me achieve my goals, were always there when I needed them and guided me through my decision making process.
Virginia Papinyan, Vodafone Australia